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Pellet Stove Questions Pellet Stoves

Riley Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove Pellet Stove
Wrangle Pellet Stove = The Pellet Burner is 4' X 4", Pellet Hopper is 24"L 8" round, Pellet from the back of the stove out is 16", Wrangler Stove from the ground up to top of hopper is 39"

The Stove will provide up to 12-14 hours of even heat on a 40# sack of pellets. If you would like your Pellet Stove to burn longer just add more pipe to the Hopper.

With its ability to provide consistent EVEN HEAT, it is every camp cook's dream!!

To Shut the Stove Off:
A. First close the slide door below the Hopper.
B. Pull the Burner out the back 2" or 3". This will allow the remaining pellets in the slanted throat of the Burner Housing to drop into the burner Chamber.

Full 5 year Warranty!!
On All Pellet Stoves you do not use any spark arrester or any extra damper at all.
    Riley Pellet Stove unique combined effort of the Riley Stove Company and Jet Air Systems , Inc.

    # 1 Insert Burner Housing (a) in the back of stove, all the way up to the Air Pipe (b). Install and adjust leg to Level Position.

    #2 Place the 8" to 4" Tapered Reducer (c) onto the Burner. Then, place the 8" Pipe Hopper (d) on to the Reducer. Caution: The Hopper Cap may be removed to check or add pellets, but must be replace immediately. Never use Burner without the lid on top of the Hopper.

    #3 Place Burner (e) into back of Burner housing with Top Plate flush with back of housing. This is the lighting position and also the high burn position.

    #4 Apply a small amount of charcoal lighter fluid into the opening (h) and ignite. Leave the Swing door open for 3 to 5 minutes.

    Caution: do not use any combustible fluids other than Charcoal Lighter. Do not open stove door or draft slide, in the Pellet Stove, at any time when there is fire in the Burner.

    #5 Close Swing Door and allow burner to work undisturbed. Stove should be up to full burn in 15 to 20 minutes. To slow burn and lower the heat, push the burner about 1/4" at a time.
    Note: by pushing the Burner into the back pin it is considered the slowest burn or pilot light burn.

    Riley Pellet StovesŪ are also constructed from galvanized steel and come with a patented air cooled bottom that is almost impossible to burn through. They are manageable, maintainable, packable and easily transported from one location to another.

1. Clean burner once a day or every other day.
2. Use high quality premium pellets as they work best. Most premium pellets are made from hardwood and burn cleaner, longer and hotter in tent pellet stoves.
3. Insure that your stove pipe extends past tent ridge to provide a good draft.
4. When burning pellets keep tent pellet stove door air input totally closed.

Why Galvanized Steel? We use galvanized settle for several reasons. It is non rusting and will last 5 - 10 years than black iron materials.

The Riley Stove's have been used by packers for many years and Riley Stoves have gained high respect for its durability, longevity, and flexibility.

All Riley Stove models are lightweight, has an airtight design, and has the capability to store all its accessories (water tank, smoke pipe and legs) inside the firebox.

The Riley Stove is used and approved by the U.S. Forest Service.

WARNING: The Riley Stove is Strictly an Outdoor Wood Fired appliance.
Riley Pellet Stoves

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