Coghlan’s Deluxe Chow Kit


  • 3-piece Set
  • 0.25 lbs. weight (with packaging)
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Stainless Steel

  • 3-piece Set
  • 0.25 lbs. weight (with packaging)
  • Made in China

Conveniently dine even on the great outdoors with the Coghlan’s Deluxe Chow Kit.

Now, you can have the cutlery that you need as you enjoy sumptuous food on your outdoor adventure with this 3-piece chow kit from Coghlan’s.

It comes with a knife, a fork, and a spoon, which are very useful when serving, mixing, slicing food.

Made of stainless steel, it also ensures superb durability and long-lasting use.

You can even simply slide together each utensil for a much easier storage.

Even though it is made of steel, these utensils weighs only 0.25 lb. and would not add another pound to your gear.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Coghlan’s Deluxe Chow Kit today and eat outdoors as if you’ve never left home.


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