Katadyn 10L Base Camp Pro Gravity Camp Water Filter


  • Output: 2L per minute
  • Dimensions:  (Reservoir) 9 x 20 / (filter) 4 x 6 / (hose) 48 inches
  • Weight: 10.7 oz.
  • Filter Good for about 265 Gal depending on the water quality

No pumping required! Just fill and hang the sleek, foldable Katadyn Gravity BeFree 10 L water filter and let gravity do the work. Its EZ-Clean Membrane™ filters up to 2 L of water per minute.

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Forget endless pumping to fill multiple water bottles; let the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L water filter do the work for you.

Just fill and hang for an easy-to-use water supply right in your campsite.


  • Water passes through the EZ-Clean Membrane hollow-fiber filter, which removes bacteria, cysts and sediment with its pore size of 0.1 microns
  • Filters water at an impressive rate of up to 2 liters per minute
  • Included carry strap makes it easy to hang the durable and collapsible 10-liter reservoir
  • Water-level indicator window makes it easy to see how much water remains in the reservoir bag
  • Filtered water can be stored in separate bottle or reservoir (not included)
  • Simply shake or swish the EZ-Clean Membrane to remove debris
  • Tested up to 1,000 liters; individual results will depend on water quality = 265 Gal or there abouts
  • Quick-connect hose allows easy on/off for filling and storage
  • Includes hanging straps and zippered storage bag
  • Made in Switzerland

Technical specs

Best Use
Camping, Backpacking
Filter Type
Filter Medium
Protozoa and Bacteria
2 liters per minute
Housing Material
(Water-bag) nylon
BPA Free
Yes, Yes
Field Cleanable
(Reservoir) 9 x 20 / (filter) 4 x 6 / (hose) 48 inches
10.7 ounces

The last thing you want to do after hiking eight miles to camp just before sundown is waste your energy—dividing it between pumping away for clean water and trying to start a fire. Save your strength by doing both at the same time with the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L Water Filter. Just fill the reservoir, hang it from a nearby branch, and let gravity do the rest, freeing you up to focus on getting that fire sparked. The Base Camp Pro 10L reliably filters bacteria, cysts, and sediment at a rate of two liters per minute, so you’ll have fresh water for the whole group before you can even put flint to tinder.

With the water level indicator window, you’ll easily anticipate when the next trip to the creek or lake needs to be made for another batch of fresh H2O. And when that time does come, just remove the tube with the simple quick release valve before heading to the source, as to prevent it from coming in contact with the contaminated water. Don’t worry about that freshly purified water spilling onto the ground either, because this filter is equipped with an automatic shutoff. With regular maintenance and proper cleaning, the Base Camp Pro’s Ultra Flow glass-fiber filter purifies up to 1,500 liters of water in its lifetime. However, if you don’t do such a hot job of keeping the filter itself clean, Katadyn offers a One-Year AntiClog guarantee.

  • Ultra Flow pleated glass-fiber filter
  • Gravity-action filter process
  • Removes bacteria, sediment, and cysts
  • Quick-release valve with automatic shutoff
  • Cleanable filter protector