Mountain House Freeze Dried Apple Crisp 3 Servings


Made with real cinnamon apples and crunchy granola!!

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Need a reward after a long day out in the wilderness? Mountain House Apple Crisp is a great choice!

Made with real cinnamon apples and crunchy granola, this slightly sweet yet satisfying dish makes a great companion for hunting trips, climbing excursions, or just about any occasion. All you need is boiling water and 5 to 6 minutes of patience and you can have this comforting favorite ready in minutes. Serve alongside your dinner as a flavorful side dish, or enjoy it on its own as tasty dessert.

Net Weight: 4.59 oz.

Calories: 180

Apples: Apple, Cinnamon, Citric Acid

Contains: Wheat, Coconut

It’s perfect or hunting and camping. It has great flavor and not to sweet.

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