Camp Time Roll A Table Camping Table


  • Set-up: 32″ long X 32″ wide 28″ high
  • Rolled-up: 32″ long X 5.5″ diameter
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Capacity: 100 lbs.

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32″ long X 32″ wide 28″ high
32″ long X 5.5″ diameter
Weight: 10 lbs.
Capacity: 100 lbs.
Color: Royal Blue

Model No: RT
UPC Code: 732347082011

Made in: USA 

Fast Set Up!!
Rolls-out for Easy Use… Rolls-up for convenience

Roll-A-Table® is a full height table and has no awkward X-braces to block your knees from a comfortable sitting position. …

Distinguished Quality – Unique Features – Superior Value
Necessity was the mother of invention for the Roll-A-Table®. It uniquely fills the need for a compact, lightweight and portable table. The Roll-A-Table® is made with the aluminum frame and a roll-up top of strong wood slats. This heat-sealed, hinged top with attached accessory pouch makes set up easy and storage convenient. From cozy backyard picnics to Mt. Everest expeditions, the Roll-A-Table® is a versatile, handy table. Enjoy Roll-A-Table® on you next adventure!

  • 100% Supported Fabric on table top and table bottom. This royal blue fabric has a strong polyester base that is laminated to vinyl. The fabric is resistant to water, fire, sun, mildew, and abrasion.
  • Strong and Lightweight Roll Top made with Ultra-Core(TM) plywood slats sealed between, and hinged by two layers of the 100% Supported Fabric.
  • Unique Gear Pouch provides a convenient storage pouch when the table is set-up, and securely holds the table frame when the table is rolled-up.
  • Hand Crafted and Form Fitted manufacturing techniques insure an exact fit for all components and guarantee a handsome table that assembles easily; unroll the table, align side bars over table joint and screw in the legs.
  • ROLL-A-TABLE® IS THE HIGHEST QUALITY AND MADE IN THE USA:   All materials in Roll-a-Table are chosen to complement its unique design.  The aluminum comes from Alabama.  The 11segment roll-top is made of a select grade of  “Ultra-Core™” laminated wood from Montana, that is completely covered by a water-resistant fabric from California.  All fittings are zinc plated steel and Camp Time® does all its manufacturing in Spokane, Washington.


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