Volcano Propane Attachment Kit

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Conversion Kit. 19,500 Btu’s
Total Weight = 7 lbs.

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Propane Attachment Kit
Works with the Volcano Collapsible Stove. Easily and compactly fits inside the stove to provide an additional fuel source.

The current 2006 Metallic Gray Stoves are pre-drilled for this unit. All other Volcano Collapsible Stoves can be drilled to accommodate the Propane Conversion Kit. 19,500 Btu’s
Total Weight = 7 lbs.

Upgrade your Volcano 2 or get a replacement for your Volcano 3.

This kit is designed for any Volcano Collapsible. It comes with a 19,500 BTU propane burner, burner crown, hose and regulator assembly, orifice tube, wrenches and instructions to connect it all together.

The burner was designed so that it will work from sea level to 11,000 feet.

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